Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Excursions: Sunday Morning Blend

Have a peek at Cai Guo-Qiang's show at the Guggenheim,
I Want to Believe.

A lot of people like to slag this guy's work, but I like it.

(btw, the above image is Head On, an installation he did in Germany in 2006.)

via Marginal Revolution

Check out Stylish Blight, a photo slideshow of a slick modern office fashioned out of the rusted carcass of an old auto repair shop.

I'm a tad burnt out on the trendy architecture concept scene, but this one caught my eye.


WebUrbanist strikes again with 20 (More) Incredibly Unconventional Hotel Rooms.

I'm a tad burnt out on the trendy unconventional hotel room scene, but I enjoyed these.

Coolio's about to teach yo ass how to cook! (soapmouth alert)

I'm a tad burnt out on hip-hop cooking shows, but Coolio's is the shiznit! (Okay, I'll stop)

via Neatorama

Making a movie? Stuck for soundtrack music? Why not get Moby to do it? (for free!)

via MediaFuturist

Jane McGonigal, the creator of I Love Bees and World Without Oil, has just launched a new global alternate reality game (ARG) for the 2008 Summer Olympics. The plot of The Lost Ring, revolves around a fictional Olympic sport that vanished 2,000 years ago and five of its athletes who have reappeared in the present.

via Technoccult

The Charles Fort Institute's CFI Blogs posted their reader-poll generated list of the Seven Fortean Wonders of the World.

Here is a list of the nominees.

Kenneth Hite provides his always cogent and sobering analysis, and an alternate list. Interesting discussion follows.

My list is pretty vanilla: UFOs, Atlantis, Stonehenge, Tunguska, Bigfoot, Giza Complex, Crop Circles.
And, finally, a couple of interesting posts from the past week:

we make money not art asks Why Won't Second Life Just Go Away, Already?

In From the Cold posted Saddam's Last Laugh (Or, How to Control the World with Playstation 3s

Enjoy your Sunday. Peace, out.

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