Thursday, March 20, 2008

Click this link, go to jail...

Declan McCullagh posted this article on his CNET blog.

The FBI, with its infinite zeal and resourcefulness, has cooked up a scheme where it set up a 'honeypot server' to snare kiddy porn fans. Potential perps are lured by promises of videos of minors having sex. Click on the link and you'll find nothing of the sort. What you will find, is that at around sunrise the next day you'll have a bunch of angry feds barking down your snorkle.

Hey, I'm all for shutting down child pornographers and their fan base, but something kinda stinks about this one. There's too much room for abuse. Cries of entrapment are not flying in the courts.

Tell you what, you want to screw up someone's life for good, forever and always, just send them one of these links in an email. "Check this out, it's really funny!"

via Techdirt

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