Friday, March 21, 2008

Billboard Liberation Front's talk at Vooruit, Ghent

we make money not art ran a nice spread on the Billboard Liberation Front


In 77 a "bunch of freaks" in San Francisco called the San Francisco Suicide Club had vowed to live each day like it was the last one. 27 of them (including ten members wearing gorilla suits) were blindfolded and taken up to a roof. They were faced with two Max Factor billboard and some paint. Unfortunately they were a bit drunk, a bit conspicuous because of the gorilla suits and they started arguing about what should be done with the billboard. Some neighbour called the police and SF Suicide Club learned the message the hard way: be prepared, don't get drunk, don't wear stupid suits.

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The Art and Science of Billboard Improvement.pdf

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Alan Evil said...

We have an awful lot of Xtian extremist billboards here. Near my house was one of Jesus holding a fetus in his hand (really kind of twisted). I realized that the look was exactly that of a character in a burger ad and I so wanted to get up there and put a big, juicy burger picture over the fetus but it was only up for a few days after I first noticed it.

Here's one I designed but couldn't quite pull off both because of the sign's location and the expense: