Monday, March 3, 2008

Cyber Terrorists Spam Eco Terrorists

The Earth Liberation Front made the news today after four model luxury homes were set ablaze in the Seattle area.

According to The Daily Green, the Street of Dreams development advertised itself as being green, though the company's trademark is high luxury. A sign with the ELF intitials was reportedly found at the scene.

So, as you can imagine, journalists flocked to the ELF websites, only to find them peppered with Viagra ads and a banner link for Swingfest '08, The Worlds Largest Swinger Lifestyle Convention! Motives for the spam hack are unknown, other than, perhaps, to sell some Viagra in anticipation of Swingfest '08.

(note: as of the publishing of this post, access to the ELF sites is sketchy at best. Some times I get a ''Service Unavailable" error, sometimes a text-only display and sometimes a garbled one. Someone has really naffed these sites.)

from The Daily Green
via GPOD

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