Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday Excursions: RPM Challenge

RPM '08 is in the can.

What is RPM '08?

In brief:

The RPM Challenge is simple: record an album in 29 days, just because you can.
That's 10 songs or 35 minutes of original material recorded during the month of February. Go ahead... put it to tape. (read the challenge here)

The stats are now in. As of last count, 2,431 artists/bands signed up, 612 completed the challenge. Last year 2,502 signed up and 870 finished.

Now, the question is: is someone going to listen to all that music? If every artist only met the minimum time requirement, that would amount to 357 hours of music, a little over two weeks of nonstop listening, a month and a half at eight hours a day. I suppose it's possible.

The RPM '07 Jukebox has over 8,500 songs.

Here is the completed list for 2008.

UT friendly Alan Evil of the Institute for Psychic Reform met the Challenge.
I think he did a great job. Hats off, Alan.

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