Saturday, March 29, 2008

Found Comics

Usually, I'd bookmark this site for my Sunday Excursions. However, as randomness is a key component of Uncertain Times, Found Comics deserves a post of its own.

Dominic Peloso, brother of one of my favorite artists, has a really cool website full of hundreds of comics that he made from random selections of photos culled from the Internet.

In his words:

A small computer app will stream six random photos recently posted on the internet tagged with whatever key word I'm feeling that day. These are put into a nice 3x2 matrix. Just like a comic strip. I don't allow myself to switch out photos or change the order. I have to work with what fortune gives me...

My job as a creator is to then take this randomly generated photo montage and contextualize it with a narrative theme...

Check 'em out. They're quite clever.


tiny ghosts said...

Thanks for being awesome and liking my comic.

John M. said...

Thanks for making them!

I've been getting some good response from my friends. Can't tell from the lack of comments, but they're mentioning it.

Look forward to more.