Friday, March 7, 2008

16 Sweet (and Scary) Building Demolition Videos

WebUrbanist posted a great study of building demolition videos.

These events never cease to amaze and draw large cheering crowds. Even when they don't work, people still go crazy. We never show this kind of enthusiasm when a structure is built.

This one didn't work out so well:

I'd hate to be the guy that had to go back in there and figure out what went wrong!

Here's one that they imploded here in Savannah a couple of months back:

Rumor has it that someone ran out of the building right before it came down. It had been vacant for years and I'd wager some homeless people had been staying in there.

A few days earlier, WebUrbanist posted 5 Incredible Works of Insane Architectural Genius, which is well worth a scan.

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