Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Excursions: For Your Consideration

Today, we're going to fling some links on the wall and see what sticks.

First, a few interesting posts.

Low-tech Magazine's A world without trucks explores the alternatives in underground transport. Pneumatic networks, conveyor belts and 'Email for things' are a few of the options being blue-skyed in the search for cleaner, greener and more efficient methods for moving goods.

Low-tech Magazine warrants scrutiny. Good stuff. The next post links to the tres-cool Museum of Retro Technology

Sentient Developments posted Seven ways to control the Galaxy with self-replicating probes, an exploration of one of John Von Neumann's many and varied musings. Self-replicating robotic spacecraft may be second only to the technological singularity as the one of Von Neumann's off-topic ideas that stimualted the most thought and speculation.
Friday, FringeHog asked, "If you could have one superhuman power, what would it be?"

If you read my comment, you'll get an idea of what a hopeless geek I am. That would be mine.

...and then, some random nuggets...

FUH2 is a site devoted to photos of people flipping off Hummers.

I had no idea.


The amazing sticky-note trick, posted by Dave Gray on Communication Nation, is actually quite useful.
Dung catapult to target vandals.

Thanks a lot, Danger Room.
Loren Coleman posted the latest Bigfoot video. I don't know.

The next day he posted another, that was later exposed as a hoax.

The hoax video was kinda creepy at first, but I thought it looked familiar.
And finally, posted a slightly dated writeup on the 10 Zen Monkeys story Dead Woman Blogging.

I decided to follow this up by checking the blog in question. No new entries, but in the last 24 hours since I checked, someone seems to have changed the look and even added some new material. I swear some of those photos weren't there yesterday. Weird. I'm confused.

I'll keep you up-to-date if anything else develops.

Now, shut off your computer and go get some sun.

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