Sunday, August 10, 2008

stray bullets

Trading Places We are not witnessing the abandonment of the suburbs or a movement of millions of people back to the city all at once. But we are living at a moment in which the massive outward migration of the affluent that characterized the second half of the twentieth century is coming to an end. For several decades now, cities in the United States have wished for a "24/7" downtown, a place where people live as well as work, and keep the streets busy, interesting, and safe at all times of day. This is what urbanist Jane Jacobs preached in the 1960s, and it has long since become the accepted goal of urban planners. Only when significant numbers of people lived downtown, planners believed, could central cities regain their historic role as magnets for culture and as a source of identity and pride for the metropolitan areas they served. Now that's starting to happen... This has been happening in the South for close to ten years. (via)

Mark Cuban: A Note to the MPAA = Promotion works better than prevention Invest in a positive message that can get people more excited about their member products and the unique experience offered in theaters, or send a message that your customers are crooks and pirates... I have more than 1 billion dollars invested in the entertainment industry. I get to see our content distributed illegally online. I get a daily report of all the torrents and other files available online. You know what I think about that? So what. That's what I think. It's collateral damage. Unlike music, it takes time to upload and download movies. People with more time than money will steal content. They weren't going to pay for it otherwise. People with a conscious will pay for the content. Fortunately that is most people.

The Five Things You Need to Know About Finding the Work You Love (via)
10 Literary Geniuses Who Went To Jail
'Dancing Plague' and Other Odd Afflictions Explained
Parasite 'turns women into sex kittens' (via)
First Look: The Road (photos)

Fishing with Ween: Brownie Troop Fishing Show (latest episode: Ween fishing with the Butthole Surfers) (via)
This Video will Make You Understand Fuel Cells and Catalysts in 10 Minutes
Douglas Adams Memorial Lecture 2008 - Steven Pinker (via)
Grant Morrison interview

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