Friday, August 29, 2008

Martin Mißfeldt - Speed Painting of a Speed Painting

Martin Mißfeldt is quite the talent. As it says on his website (translated): He paints and draws with oil paint, gouache, watercolor, ink, digital and humor: Cartoons, Speed Painting videos, paintings, drawings, eye images, illustrations, short-comics and much more.

There are over 800 images of his art on his site, so knock yourself out, it's worth the trip. There are other examples of speed painting on his YouTube page.

still image seen on Design You Trust


M. Missfeldt said...

Thanx for posting.
Did anyone noticed that the names on the car are artist names. Polke, Richter, Baselitz, Warhol, Picasso (on the helmet) and Duchamp. In my eyes this is the most important fact of this speed painting...

Thanx for posting the nice chess photo of Duchamp.
I really will join this blog...

John M. said...

Greetings Martin!

Thanks for stopping by, it's a pleasure.

It have to admit that I missed the names. Good one!

I look forward to more.