Sunday, August 31, 2008


Visible Satellite Image Courtesy of NOAA Satellite Services Division

Update: I'm communicating with a friend who is staying in New Orleans. He made it through Katrina in decent shape, so he's confident he'll be OK. My only concern is that where he is, in Uptown, New Orleans is most vulnerable to flooding from the river. Storm surges have been known to be sucked right up the Mississippi. I've seen the river run backward during Hurricane Georges, in 1998, and that was only a Cat. 1 when it reached us. If Gustav's surge breaches the levee, he could be in trouble.

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alansmitheejp said...

It's biggest hurricane, right?!
Japanese news was broadcasting, bigger than Katrina.
Now, the hurricane is category 3?
Japanese can not imagine about hurricane level.
But really scary thing, isn't it?!

John M. said...

Category 5 is the biggest.

Gustav was a 4 for a while but has gone down to a three, which is still pretty powerful: 111-130 mph winds, 9-12 foot storm surges.

They were worried that it would strengthen in the Gulf of Mexico, but that didn't happen, thankfully.

I have a friend that is staying. I have been communicating with him via IM.