Sunday, August 24, 2008

stray bullets

From the Art World to the Underworld The FBI's Robert Wittman has spent his career chasing missing masterpieces. Now thieves are growing bolder -- and more violent. This guy's career is worthy of a feature film, which I'd wager will be in the works once he retires later this year. An epic novel would be more appropriate. Cooler than the X-Files-- don't skip this one.

N Korea 'develops special noodle' North Korean scientists have developed a new kind of noodle that delays feelings of hunger, a Japan-based pro-Pyongyang newspaper has reported.

Some solar flares may be caused by dark matter Some solar flares may be caused by dark matter particles called axions spewing out from the centre of the Sun, new calculations suggest.

They Never Said It "Elementary, my dear Watson."

Richard Nixon's Piano Concerto #1 (for surreal, watch the video for a taste) (via)

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