Saturday, August 23, 2008

stray bullets

How impostors capture our trust instantly - and why we're so eager to give it to them The answer is that you probably would, too. Human beings are social animals, and our first instinct is to trust others. Con men, of course, have long known this - their craft consists largely of playing on this predilection, and turning it to their advantage. (via)

Eight crazy e-mail hoaxes millions have fallen for They're far-fetched, too good to be true, irrational, ridiculous or impossible, but people still keep clicking on these e-mail hoaxes.

Computer gamers hire hundreds of thousands of Chinese to earn virtual gold Nearly half a million people are employed in "virtual sweatshops" earning points and goods in online games to sell over the internet, a study has found.

How the Nose Sniffs Danger in the Air The next time someone says, “I smell danger in the air,” that might literally be true — and the odor might be coming from you.

The brain from top to bottom: An interactive website on the human brain and behavior (via)
World's largest monastery library restored to its baroque splendour (via)
19 terrifying incidents involving fish (the Candiru scares the crap out of me) (via)
An Interview With Thievery Corporation
The Prisoner Production Diary Week 2 - Descent Into Swakopmund

Ken Burns on the "Ken Burns Effect" (via)
David Lynch on product placement
Karlheinz Stockhausen - Helicopter String Quartet (don't miss it)
Live from Daryl's House (love him or hate him, Daryl Hall can sing his ass off-- really good)
Catfish vs. Bat Belize's fishing bats may catch and eat up to 30 fish in one night - but sometimes it may be a fish that catches a bat!

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