Monday, August 18, 2008

stray bullets

The £10,000 drawing that turned out to be a £100 MILLION Da Vinci Known as Nuptial Portrait of a Young Woman, it was sold for £10,000 in 1998 after being attributed to a German artist. However, experts say it is looking 'more and more like a Leonardo work'. This would push its value up as high as £100million. (ht)

You've got to have hope: studies show 'hope therapy' fights depression Dear psychology: It took you this long to figure that out? This is akin to saying that continued breathing averts death. One of the main drivers of depression is hopelessness. Duh. You're a bit out of touch if you have to do a study to come to this conclusion. Yours truly, Uncertain Times.

The Top 5 Countries for Medical Travel
Why does the weasel go pop? - the secret meaning of our best-loved nursery rhymes (via)
Symphonies of Wind Turbines A sonic meditation on wind turbines and their place in today's environment. (audio) (via)

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