Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Obama Site Hacked?

It appears that hope.net has been hacked or this is a prank or hoax of some sort. It is April Fool's Day, but apparently this happened yesterday and I can see no reason why Obama's people would have anything to do with this.

Notice on the bottom left it says "and hacked by Zhuangzi" (that's my best guess on the last bit.) and the underlying link leads to Hillary Clinton's page.

Could it be.... The Chinese? The Spanish Inquisition? What the hell's going on here?

The first message says: Spread the word, Barack Obama has no security on his website. Will his administration have no security?

As of 3:38am ET, the message says: To the media, stop saying Clinton hacked Obama, they want nothing to do with this, you spread lies.

Update: It's a hoax. hope.net is a hacker site as in the HOPE Conference.

via The Raw Feed

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