Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Link Souffle

A few items:

Maverick academic Philip Zimbardo says we are all capable of evil. Is he right?

No argument here.

via Schneier on Security

Cubans Line Up for Cell Phone Service

Watch Cuba closely. It's the new frontier. Because they're pretty much starting from scratch, you'll likely see some interesting technological leap-frogging; straight from the 1950's to the 2010's.

They're blogging and Twittering, too.

Ray Kurzweil: Making the World a Billion Times Better

Ray Kurzweil is one the the few future thinkers that is persistently optimistic.

Water, the new oil

Melanie Swan hits us with a real poser: how are we going to manage the world's water situation? She has a few ideas.

Here's another one.

Back in the late seventies, Robin Williams used to joke, "Whenever I want to spend a dollar on a bottle of water, I drink Perrier." People roared with laughter. I did, too. The thought of paying for water was absurd back then.

How we got from one to 162 million websites on the internet.


via Rocketboom

Ten weirdest computers

Maybe not so weird in a few years or decades or so.

Although, I suspect that Glooper and Mouldy computers will remain weird for some time to come.

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