Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Barack to the rescue or Obama-nation?

Do you think Obama is going to come through? Or, more to the point, do you think that the Military-Industrial-Petroleum complex is going to let him do anything? They'll throw him a few bones, but in January of 2009, there is going to be a closed door meeting where the new president will be summarily briefed on the facts of life.

That's assuming he gets elected. I don't think the Clinton machine has played all of its cards yet. I suspect that they are holding back on something until the right time. That's why Hillary is still in the race. Don't underestimate the Clintons. They're players.

If Obama is elected and doesn't come through with his promises, like every president in my lifetime, many will turn on him, real quick. I give it about two years before the euphoria turns to disillusion. Sad thing is, it probably won't be his fault. You live long enough, you start recognizing these patterns.

If you think I'm a cynic, you might be right, but I'll have you know that the only president since FDR whose approval rating was higher upon leaving office than entering was, funny enough, good ol' Slick Willy.

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