Monday, April 28, 2008

Mexico cartels post 'help wanted' ads

photo: El Manana Nuevo Laredo/AP

The banner reads, in Spanish: "Operative group 'The Zetas' wants you, soldier or ex-soldier. We offer a good salary, food and benefits for your family. Don't suffer anymore mistreatment and don't go hungry. We wont give you instant noodle soup."

USA Today:

One of Mexico's biggest drug cartels has launched a brazen recruiting campaign, putting up fliers and banners promising good pay, free cars and better food to army soldiers who join the cartel's elite band of hit men.

What I'd want to know is, if they're offering such a killer deal, why would they have to advertise?

What could be creating such an urgent need?

I'd be a little bit suspicious.

via Marginal Revolution

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