Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blind Kid Uses Echolocation and Sound to See

I found this very uplifting. I've never seen a human use echolocation before. This is very encouraging for someone who is going to be blind some day.

You're never helpless unless you choose to be.

from Metacafe
via Dedroidify


Anonymous said...

holy freaking shit. I thought that was going to be some new technology or something.

I've always heard that losing one sense makes the others stronger, but that's pretty amazing.

That said, I've witnessed the video game thing first hand, about 15 years ago I played Mortal Kombat against a blind kid at an arcade. He kicked my ass till I got smart and stopped jumping and doing special moves (which trigger sfx) and just walked up and punched him in the face. Yeah. I took advantage of a clever blind kid. What's it to you?

John M. said...

You bastard.

I guess he didn't hear your ninja fist.

What did you do next? Slap a 'kick me' sign on his back?

You illustrators are an ill breed. Remind me to bring my taser cat-o-nine-tails when we meet again. That'll fix your ass.

John M. said...

My aunt sent me an email with a related story. With her permission, I post it here:

"I was looking at your blog and saw the piece on echolocation. I worked with a blind man who used it all the time. He went from the North Side to Downtown Pittsburgh and back for lunch every day by himself via echolocation. It was amazing to witness. He would make clicking noises and could tell from the feedback if something/someone was or was not in front of him. I never saw him bump into anything in or outside our offices. He was a systems analyst and fixed program bugs and was really good at it. He used special scanning equipment that translated the code into braille. Truly, he is an amazing man."

I had to share this. Too cool.