Friday, April 18, 2008

You could be driving this someday soon

From the 2008 Michelin Challenge Design website:

In urban regions and tight spaces agility counts. Beside its minimal traffic area, Snook provides maximum agility through the principle of instability in combination with an auto stabilized carefree handling system. Drive-by-wire-technology and a multidirectional engine raise all of them three, comfort, safety and joy, by allowing completely new manoeuvres such as driving sidewards and turning on a point, for fun as well as for security. The control system runs redundant, so it tangibly proves the emotional suggestion of safety of the helmet-like impression and the SUV-like seat level.
via Beyond the Beyond

Alright, if you guys pull this one off, we'll forgive you for the lack of jetpacks and flying cars.

hat tip to Posthuman Blues


Alan Evil said...

I found a diagram of the drive system here:

John M. said...

Nice. Some better pictures there.

Alan Evil said...

The more I think about this thing the more questions arise. For instance, what happens when you turn off the engine? Or what if you have motor problems while driving? What if you run out of gas on a winding cliffside road? Could you balance on a power line like those old gyro tops?

John M. said...

I don't know. Maybe the wheel flattens on the bottom. Or you go flying through the air as if you were shot from a catapult.