Friday, April 18, 2008

Why are all these dogs peeing?

This is a puzzler. Ortho, over at Baudrillard's Bastard requests:

My dear reader, dogs appear everywhere in the prints produced by British Americans during the War for Independence. Often, dogs pee on everything ...

I beseech you Dear Reader, please share your knowledge with me. Please share citations for texts that analyze the dogs that pee in the prints of the American War for Independence.
I've seen a few of these before, but I've never noticed the dogs peeing.

You need to go check these out, and if you have any leads, drop Ortho a line.


Ortho said...

John M., thank you for spreading my query. I look forward to reading your readers' ideas.

John M. said...

I hope you find some leads. I'm doing a little digging myself.

That's a great item.

Alan Evil said...

In the picture you posted I notice the dog is pissing on a lion. Lion = British Empire. The dog pissing on stuff seems a show of contempt.

John M. said...

I think it has something to do with Freemasonry.