Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oskar Fischinger - Seelische Konstruktionen (Spiritual Constructions) c. 1927


The original was silent, so you can drop the volume on the sound for the authentic experience.

Oskar Fischinger was The Don.

You can find more info here. You can order a dvd here. They say it's the first in a series, so hopefully there will be more soon.

My favorite is Muratti Greift Ein, (Muratti Gets in the Act) an uber-amazing stop-motion cigarette ad from 1934. I found a crap rip of it here. It's truly awful, but you'll get the idea.

For you aficionados out there, here's a rarity:



crow said...


Who did the music, it seems to fit pretty well.

John M. said...

It's a drum and bass act called The Flashbulb, but I don't know the name of the tune. Very Squarepusher-ish.
It does fit.