Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Helter Skelter X

File under: WTF?

I'm largely apolitical. I believe that social problems require social solutions. Especially when lawmakers and leaders are debased, detached and/or defunct.

That's why I've been laying off the '08 presidential race as much as I can. It is compelling, considering where we are now. Bear in mind that this is the first election without an incumbent president or VP since the 1920's.

That's a long way to go to say that I have no idea who Mike Gravel is and what the hell this video is all about. (Except that he's a Libertarian running for president and I'm guessing that this is an, albeit questionable, attempt at guerrilla campaigning.)

Check out the YouTube page for more Shatneresque bloviations. At least he didn't try to riff Laurie Anderson or Bjork... {shudder}

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