Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Found Images: Street Art

Nice selection of graffiti and street art


LouisClawSea said...

this can be considered as part of the outsider art movement; non traditional folks who pursued what they felt and had no training while doing so, yet there is a recognition of skill in the pieces that are displayed here. I guess one of the factors that can make this 'outsider' is the fact that it is displayed in a non traditional setting. This is the essence of political and social commentary. Unfortunately as of late, American society is lacking in people who will go out and write mindful things on the walls at night. About the outsider movement again, Howard Finster was one of the first. He was from Georgia and ended up doing album covers for The Talking Heads and REM. One of my favorite on the wall art pieces, and there was actually more than one piece, was of a guy who would be walking his dog on the West Side highway and he would have someone paint his and his dogs shadow standing in black paint on the walls. I could remember seeing this in the 1970's when my Father would drive us to Madison Square Garden to see the Ranger hockey games.
We need to see more of this in our lives. or anything that stimulates social thought for that matter.

John M. said...

Hi Lou,

Hear, hear!

Everywhere I go, people make beautiful, ironic and entertaining images all over the place in all sorts of ways. We seem driven to do this. I think that says a lot in our favor.