Monday, November 3, 2008

Yma Sumac (1922-2008)


Sad news, as the lovely and gifted Yma Sumac passed away on Saturday at the age of 86. Most definitely not Amy Camus of Brooklyn, New York, the Peruvian princess of exotica thrilled listeners with her "well over three" perhaps even four or five octave range.

You can browse some of her videos here and be sure to check out this previous entry in Uncertain Times that includes a scathing review of a recently released biography in the comments by Ms. Sumac's personal assistant David Devine.

"That I made good music and made happy, their hearts" - Yma Sumac, when asked what she wanted to be remembered for.

I would say that her wish has been realized.

L.A. Times obituary


The Nag said...

I read about her death on other sites and was thinking of putting something together but saw your post and knew anything I did would pale in comparison. Good one (as usual).

Anne said...

R.I.P. dear songbird.

John M. said...

Hi Ms. Nag and Anne!

I'm sure you would have done just fine, M.

Sometimes when I see a lot of posts on someone's passing,(DFW) I lay off, but I have a soft spot for Yma.

Glad to have you back, Anne! Looks like you had fun in Sweden!