Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fidel & Che

By who, when or where, I don't know, thanks to the always thorough documentation of vintagephoto.


Hillbilly said...

hm. I have the same frustration with some of these sites too, but I become mostly infuriated by folks that have the goods for most of their posts, but refuse to post even the most rudimentary of credit. (ie. The Gunslinger). having a natural curiosity about the author or subject of a work does not mean we get busy reporting folks to the royalty police.

John M. said...

I hear ya.

And then if you email or comment asking for info, they get all pissy about it, like it's your fault.

And don't get me started on link thieves. I've been ripped of by everyone from Boing Boing to vintagephoto.

As an exercise for the student, do a Google blog search on "Book Towns" You'll see that Bookride posted it first, I linked to it the next day, growabrain and Nag on the Lake linked to me and everyone else ripped it off.

Coudal and Boing Boing are notorious thieves. That event caused me to unsub from both forever. It wasn't the first or last time. I often get emails from people when there's a blatant ripoff.

Oooops, I guess I got myself started!

In the balance, I take a certain amount of pride in properly documenting and linking to my sources and also scooping the big boys, even if they are weasels and steal.

Hillbilly said...

(chuckle) apparently, Tom has had a bunch of people get after him, because when I politely asked him about it, he became really paranoid and almost violent about it.

I have quit going to some of these places too, even though they have the goods and stuff that I really dig. It's a shame.

I was ripped-off, (the first time), to the tune of about $15-20k in 1980's dollars for a giant promotional campaign. I was principled before then, but that really galvanized things.

Photography has made a little head-way in the way of intellectual property since then, but not really enough.

John M. said...

Tom? I'm not sure who that is.

When I post photos, it's for two reasons, I like it and want to share it and I want to promote the artist that moved me.

I see thousands of images daily and it really has to jump out at me for me to want to post it. That is a credit to the artist and I want to pass it on, both work and credit. Web curating, and all.

John M. said...

Concerning having the goods: They got them somewhere, and we can find them on our own. I always get the best response and most links to stuff that I dug up on my own, outside of the blogosphere. With that in mind, if bloggers aren't principled, I have no time for them.

I agree, though. I reluctantly severed ties with several bloggers that I really enjoyed. If I really like them, it has to be multiple offenses. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes they just found it on their own or from another source. I like to give them the benefit of the doubt. It has to be blatant and repeated.

Thing is, there's so much out there, why waste time with the B.S.

Hillbilly said...

"When I post photos, it's for two reasons, I like it and want to share it and I want to promote the artist that moved me."

ditto, ditto, and ditto.

I think that this is the way like minded folks get together blogger or Tumblr. Maud has really helped me to get going with that principle again. Frankly, I am in awe at how you two can find this stuff. keep up the good work!

Tom S. (from The Gunslinger).

John M. said...

Well, thanks.

I think you do a pretty darn good job, yourself. I enjoy reading your blog. The material is excellent, well researched, presented and documented. It maintains the standard by which all should adhere.

OK, Gunslinger, got it. Took me a minute. In fact, I had to Google it to dislodge my brain-fart.

Funny enough, the page that came up on Google has a comment from a reader asking about a source and Tom's reply was obviously snotty. I got a chuckle out of that!

I always wished he would source his material. I can understand these teenage kids on Tumblr being lax, but this guy should know better. It's the main reason I dropped him from my blogroll, though I still subscribe and enjoy the shots.