Saturday, November 29, 2008

stray bullets

Cannibal call not a hoax: The woman, known only as Anthea from Guisborough, rang up the Breakfast Show after DJ Graham Mack asked listeners about the most unusual thing they had eaten. The topic sparked a flurry of calls from Teessiders who had eaten sea urchins, monkey brains and play doh. But nothing prepared him for Anthea who calmly said: “I’ve eaten human being”. A shocked Mr Mack replied slowly: “Oh my goodness. Right, all bets are off. You can’t beat that. How come you were a cannibal?” (listen to the call) I believe her. What do yo think? (via)

Terry and Harry Gilliam: being and having a famous parent (via)
Malcolm Gladwell Talks Sports (via)
Cryptome Eyeball: Obama Chicago Home Security Zone
dublab podcast: David Axelrod interview

60-Second Science: Broken Windows Crime Theory It’s called the "broken windows" theory and it says that in a neighborhood where buildings have broken windows, people are more likely to engage in bad behavior. Broken windows are contagious.

Word Spy: "mug me" earphones n. The distinctive white cord and earbuds associated with the often-stolen Apple iPod digital music player. Also: mug-me earphones.

The most outrageous day on The Price is Right
Japanese Man Makes Mexico Airport Home

Wow, this is the first stray bullets since the day before the election. I'll be getting more of these up as I get some traction. The November Debacle really threw me off my game.


airport_whiskey said...

The cannibal call was just so... casual. If someone told me after the fact that I had eaten human, especially a child, I can't imagine what I would do. Joking about it on radio isn't at the top of the list though.

John M. said...

I feel ya.

Still, I felt that she believed that what she was saying was true.

The fuzzy distance of childhood memory, or the confabulation thereof, can engender that sort of cavalier attitude, in my experience. I saw some pretty heinous shit when I was a kid, and even though it traumatized me then, I look back on it almost like a cartoon memory - something that's easier to joke about or shrug over now.

Maybe I'm a bit too credulous here, but I thought she was telling the truth, even if the story itself is BS.

airport_whiskey said...

Seems like the real thing to me too, which makes it all the creepier.

John M. said...

I've often wondered what I have unwittingly eaten in the past...