Friday, November 28, 2008


(video link)

Wow. If you haven't seen this yet, don't miss it. The NYT Magazine presents this study of the facial expressions, or lack thereof, of kids playing video games. The results are as unique as the individuals - some, a little disturbing, yet funny at the same time.

created by Robbie Cooper


Hillbilly said...

that vacant look is familiar to me.

John M. said...

When I saw the look on the girl's face who was playing GTA, I wasn't sure if I should laugh or scream.

I laughed. Maybe some part of me was screaming, but I'm sure I've sat somewhere with a similar blank look... many times.

I have a buddy that's a little bit older than me and he was in town visiting. I took him to another buddy's place who is about half buddy #1's age. They were playing Smash Bros..... for hours. At one point, my older friend said: You know, if you spent HALF the time you spend on this machine learning the violin or saxophone or guitar, you'd be a freakin' virtuoso. He was cueing in on the dextrous hand motions. He had a point.