Wednesday, November 5, 2008

third day in a row

This is getting to be a bit frustrating. I still have a rather large backlog of material and I can't get photos to upload. I have been trying off and on since last night. On top of that it takes about thirty tries to get a post up. If this keeps on I'm going to consider moving to Tumblr.

Check back later. Sorry.


Hororo said...

If you don't mind not having any possiblity for people to comment then I highly recommand the switch to tumblr. It's the plateform I use and I couldn't be happier wit hit.

Alan Evil said...

You may want to do some maintenance on the old computer there. Try flushing your temporary internet files (actually go delete the folder), clear your cookies, scan for adware, try using a different browser... I haven't seen anything unusual with Blogger.

Minnesotastan said...

I've had no trouble with my blogspot-based blog. Perhaps the trouble is with something other than the host. Before you switch, let me suggest something simple to try - just try using a different browser to process you blog entries and see if that makes any difference.

Or try going to a friend's computer, log on as yourself, and upload an entry to Uncertain Times.

Good luck. It's no fun when technology screws up.

John M. said...

Hey guys,

Thanks for the suggestions. They are appreciated.

The thing(s) is/are:

The computer is fine. All other websites and programs are running perfect. It's only Google-based sites that are giving me problems, ie YouTube, Gmail, Google Reader and Blogger.

Also, things work sometimes, rarely lately but they work on occasion. Nothing Google consistently works or doesn't work. In fact, I just rebooted and was able to get into everything, including these comments just fine.

I have deleted all the cookies and cache etc. And I have tried using Internet Explorer with the same result. So I'm reluctant to say it's Firefox.

It could be my ISP, or perhaps a regional thing or excessive traffic in my area that is clogging up the pipes.

It definitely has something to so with the Google-plex.

I'm mystified and just hoping that it sorts itself out in time.

I'll keep trying.

Thanks again.

Jan said...

I use Flickr. Very satisfied.

John M. said...

Hi Jan,

I think I'm going to have to go that route. I cannot get this to work.


John M. said...

I was just about to lose my mind. I tried uploading to Flickr and THAT didn't work! I tried Blogger one more time and it worked.

Go figure. I hope this crap is over with. Now I need to get some sleep.
I have been up for nearly 24 hours messing with this.

John M. said...

btw, Hororo,

I have seen people install Disqus commenting on Tumblrs.

I might start a photoblog over there one day.

Alan Evil said...

I have heard of ISP's limiting speeds on certain sites. I'm pretty sure there was a recent court decision that declared bandwidth throttling to be illegal. You should try contacting your ISP and asking them about bandwidth throttling. They may be wanting you to "upgrade" your account and do this to convince you your connection is too slow. I think I'd let them know in no uncertain terms that you will change ISP if it doesn't stop. If you're on DSL you can switch to cable or vice versa.

Better yet, go down there and kill them all and put their heads on pikes outside the building. That'll teach 'em.

John M. said...

I'm pretty sure they we doing that here about a year ago, but only during business hours. If you tried to download something then, it always came down at the same speed, around 40kps. At night, it would bear whatever was going down.

I haven't downoaded p2p much in the last say, 8 months, but the other day I did and it was blazing in the middle of the day.

It has something to do with Google and it must be here, though on the Google forums, there are people having the same problems.

Remember 2 things: This is Savannah, they can't even keep the radio stations on the air; and we have SCAD. They've about triple in size since you left and every one of them is online all the time.

I just got up from a nap and couldn't get on gmail. It says in their chat window that they're having technical difficulties.


Guy said...

I can vouch for Tumblr's simplicity, reliability, flexability, and speed. Rarely down and always good to go. Some things you will miss from blogger include no drafts or saving of posts though, but that can be remidied by writing longer posts in another place so they can be saved. Also, as far as browsers go Opera is pretty speedy. Hope the issues are cleared up either way. Thanks for all the great posts!

John M. said...

Well, Guy, I am considering it.

Google is still giving me fits.

Someone on the forums suggested updating Java, but it's still a bit jinky.

I'll keep trying. Until I lose my mind and move to Tumblr.

This is giving me a headache.