Friday, August 15, 2008

stray bullets

Never bet against a pro “The more you do something, the more it is embodied in you,” Grafton says. “It doesn’t just change your muscle memory, it changes the way you see the world around you.” (via)

Tech visionary Wayne Green: Still on a mission Starting in the early 1960s with an army of can-do, build-it-yourself amateur radio fans behind him, Green encouraged readers of 73 magazine (73 means "best regards" in ham radio lingo), his first and longest-lived publication, to push the limits on the electronic bits and pieces that would evolve into today's e-mail systems, cellular networks and PCs. Interview with the founder of 73 and BYTE magazines.

Moustache protector, anyone? Weird inventions on show A grenade that puts out fires, a self-pouring teapot, periscope spectacles, a peach peeler and a moustache protector are among oddball inventions on show at the British Library. (via)

Top 10 Cell Phone Etiquette Rules People Still Break (via)
Frank Deford: The Swimming Legend You Never Heard Of
How to Tap a Phone Line
How to Shoot Light Trails (via)

Dynamic Painting - San Base's Amazing Computer-Generated Art
Cleveland Smith: Bounty Hunter (starring Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi)
The Meters - Tippi-Toes

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