Thursday, August 7, 2008

Royal Belly Rub

It was a joy to roam around Franssen Mattijn's photostream. The photographs, paintings and photo-montages are all captivating and sincere. Ordinarily, I'm a bit suspicious of people who include themselves in their art on a frequent basis, but M. Mattijn manages to pull it off nicely.


via Recogedor


The Nag said...

Something new for me to crave - a tummy rub from a giant feline. I'll bet he purrs while he's doing it.

John M. said...

It does look cozy. The cat looks comfortably dressed, too.

alansmitheejp said...

I love cat. Cat is cat the beat for me.
But the guy! envy him ;)

I like these, I want to check more!!

John M. said...

Hi alansmithee!

Thank you for that.

Very nice.