Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Roxy Music - Love Is The Drug (1975)

Supersonic, U.K. Sept, 75

Never seen this one before.

Roxy Music


The Nag said...

Nice eyepatch -it screams conjunctivitis.

John M. said...

Yes, but it looks marvelous. ;}

They must have been on some weird drugs for this. There's something intangibly strange about the whole thing.

The Nag said...

There was something strange about everything in the 70s. Hell, even I was strange then - hard as that might be to believe

John M. said...

I have crazy memories of the '70s.

The '80s and '90s made the '70s seem even more distant and strange.

Alan Evil said...

The 70's was when American culture lost its way. I think the slamming of the door was the riot that followed the dynamiting of a huge pile of disco records at a baseball game... just like Kent State shut down the hippies. The great unwashed in America said, "Fuck hippies... they're getting high and fucking," followed by, "Fuck people that like to get high and dance to disco and fuck... I don't get to fuck because I'm a stupid fucking American so I'm going to hate people that fuck."


John M. said...

I hated the seventies during the seventies and eighties, but I softened up on them in the nineties.

Remember, the one-night-stand was essentially a product of the '70s.

All roads lead to fucking.