Monday, August 11, 2008

Rosie Snell - Stalker (2005)

Oil on canvas on panel, 163x163cm, 2005
Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery

Rosie Snell
Command and Control at standpoint gallery
Review at rodcorp


Anonymous said...

Pretty neat. I wish the images were larger

John M. said...

That happens a lot with galleries and artist's pages.

Some are even worse, they just post thumbs. I've had to skip a lot of good artists because their pics were too small.

A friend of mine who is a painter and gallery manager told me she thinks they do that so people can't pirate the images for t-shirts and stuff like that. She thinks it's just as ridiculous as I do.

No pic, no publicity. (shrug)

Anonymous said...

Well I would like higher-resolution images, forsooth, so I can pirate them

John M. said...

We prefer the term "appropriate" ;}