Wednesday, August 13, 2008

North American Railcar Operators Association


A RAILWAY motorcar, or railcar, is a peculiar, no-frills, gasoline-powered vehicle not much bigger than a golf cart and not much more powerful than a riding mower. The seats do not have much padding, if any, so the rider feels every clickety-clack. A railcar ride is not like a trip on any comfy old commuter train....

About 25 years ago, railroads phased out railcars in favor of pickup trucks fitted with carriages that can adapt to railroad tracks. Railcars became collectors’ items, like antique automobiles. Now, collectors use these vehicles on excursions that offer views of remote scenery on rented tracks meandering miles away from the nearest roads.

NARCOA: North American Railcar Operators Association

I remember reading, years ago, about how Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard modded some hotrods to ride on rails and would zip around the countryside on abandoned railways. I tried to find something about this on the Nets, but no luck. Any leads?


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