Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Map of the countries that do not use the metric system

Map of the world where red represents countries which do not use the metric system.

Wow. I have to admit that I have no conception of measure in terms of the metric system. I can do the conversions, but in my head it's inches, feet, miles, pounds, ounces and gallons.

From Wikimedia Commons
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Radmila said...

Try Canada, where it was introduced while I was in middle school.
Some things are done in metric while others are done in Imperial.

It makes us know both...but, I admit to being more comfortable with Imperial.

Probably all the US influence.

Alan Evil said...

It doesn't take any time at all to replace English measurements with metric, it just takes a little practice. Kilometers have the dual advantage of sounding like a further distance and higher speeds: "I drove ten kilometers at 100kph."

John M. said...

two response in one:

I remember traveling through Canada in the early '80s and everything seemed to be marked with both measures. That actually helped me to learn the conversions.

I don't think I'd have much trouble if we went over to metric, but still, my brain is wired to think in the Imperial, (now often referred to as American) system. One can be fluent in a language and still not think in it. It takes living in it for a while before that happens.