Monday, August 4, 2008

Adverse Driving Conditions

Evening thunderstorm in Ageo City, Saitama.

Japan from the Driver's Seat

About Mike Cash:

I am an American living in Japan and working as a truck driver. The majority of photos I share here will be photos taken at work, and while seated at the wheel of my truck. The limitations this places on the shots I can get are what help to keep it interesting for me. Macro and low-angle shots are nearly impossible. Telephoto shots from 8 feet above the ground, handheld shots with the truck rumbling and shaking, only a few quick seconds to spot something and get the shot before the traffic light changes or the traffic jam spurts forward another 10 feet. That's my photo environment.

I'm hooked.


airport_whiskey said...

In my RSS feed as of right now.

Very cool find.

John M. said...

What's up, airport_whiskey!

I'm still roaming through the archives. Nice.

airport_whiskey said...

Not much, but I dig your blog. You somehow manage to find more interesting things in one day that I probably could in a week of trawling the web.

This reader says thanks.

John M. said...

Well (blink. blink.) thanks, you're welcome.

One thing that blows me away is knowing that I will never run out of material.