Friday, May 9, 2008

Gold Farmers

we make money not art ran a nice spread on gold farming.

Here's a preview of Ge Jin's Gold Farmers:

Ge Jin:

I visited more gold farms/gaming workshops in the past several months, so here is more footage of this mysterious industry. The first workshop in this clip is operating 40-people group raids in order to obtain the most precious items and create epic characters.

Sweatshop gaming isn't limited to gold farming. There's also power leveling, a service to provide paying customers with experienced characters, obviating the need to slog through the lower levels of play.

Apparently there's big money in this. Brokerages have been established. There's even a gold farming weblog. Numerous attempts to purge the system, haven't managed to resolve the problem.

Gold Farmers is being screened as a part of the Homo Ludens Ludens exhibition in Gijon, Spain.

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