Monday, May 19, 2008

Links 5-19-08

30 Awesome Websites for Adventurous Urban Explorers

WebUrbanist provides a look into the world of urban exploration. If you read my comment on the post, you'll find that I'm going on an expedition this week.

Daniel Schorr: Pinching Pennies and Words (audio)

Daniel Schorr, 91 years old and still kicking it! He's one of my inspirations in life. No old folk's home for me. I subscribe to his feed so that I don't miss any of his gems of wisdom. Wherever you stand politically, you'll find that there is a great deal to learn from this man.

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The Extinction Timeline

Looks like we have about 15 more years to get our blog on. Sadly, still 27 more years of spam. Not sure how accurate this is, but it gives one pause.

The Presurfer

Evil Disney

Back in 1987, I was at a friend's house and she had a rather large collection of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck comic books. I remember reading them and realizing just how weird they were. They were nothing like the usual Disney fare. They story lines were harsh and brutal, expounding a philosophy best categorized as Social Darwinism.

I remember reading the Letters to the Editor section in one of the Mickey Mouse comics. I was quite shocked by one of the responses to a reader's question.

The question was, essentially, "Why do you make these comics?"

I'll have to give you the answer from memory as I cannot locate a source at this moment. I can assure you that I'm pretty close to the original here, as I must have read that entry about a hundred times. Every time I went to her place, I read it again, just to assure myself that I wasn't hallucinating.

So here goes:

The reason we make these comics is so that we can make more comics so that we can achieve our ultimate goal of making the entire world one big Disneyland where everyone has to go. That's called a benevolent dictatorship, boys and girls. (emphasis their's)

I swear on all that is swearable upon that this is what they said. I was completely flummoxed by that statement. I always wondered if they were just joking, but in the context it was delivered, it didn't seem to be so. Take what you will from this. I have always been a bit wary about Disney since then.

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