Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sex and the City - Because no man should feel the agony of this film

Get out of the Sex and the City movie Absolution Card

John Kass:

"I don't think SATC is just for girls. I am a reasonably well-adjusted bloke and I am looking forward to seeing the film with my girlfriend. I am then looking forward to poking my eyes out with red-hot pokers, burning my skin off, and rolling around in salt for a while."—Phil Mann, Newcastle upon Tyne.

He's not alone. Millions of men are sick about this movie based on a TV show about four terrifying, rich, aging, elitist women who whine about sex and men and purchase $700 pairs of shoes to feel better about themselves. What guy wouldn't love such a movie?


"She wants to see the movie. Fine. But I'm not going."

Oh yes, you're going.

"I'm not going! I'm not!"

We'll see.


Keith B said...

No straight man wants to see this movie. Only gay men, metro sexual guys or guys who had their penis cut off or shot off in the war would go see this movie.

John M. said...

I think if I lost my penis, I'd still rather have it grow back and lose it again, daily, in new horrible ways each time, rather than see that movie, reruns of the show or anything that has anything remotely to do with it.

But hey, that's me.