Saturday, May 24, 2008

Uncredited Photos

Too many people post photos without giving credit to the photographer or the original publisher. I have found myself guilty of this, but I make an effort to find the provenance of the item. If I post it anyway, that means that I loved it too much to let it pass.

Now, as a part of a long term study, I will intermittently post uncredited photos in groups. If anyone viewing them can identify any of the sources, please pass any available information on to me and I'll post the image again with credit. It will be interesting to see how many of these photos we can identify.

Furthermore, I will no longer post links to uncredited images. I vow to maintain and encourage the practice of giving credit to artists and publishers for their hard work and intellectual property and not give credit to those that can't even pull a little mousework and give proper attribution. I have contacted many photographers and every single one of them have been accommodating and even enthusiastic in their responses. A little thing like getting an email asking to use their cool picture seemed to make them feel good. The Uncredited Photos project will be my humble attempt to find the creators of these stolen images and give them proper recognition.

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