Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Excursions: All over the place

Whenever I go through my Sunday Excursions folder, a loose theme often presents itself. No such luck this week. We're all over the place.

First, we'll try to start off on sound footing with some grooming advice from Joel and the bots:

Man, I miss that show. In 1994 I was injured in a car accident and spent most of six months on my back. MST3K saved my sanity.

My stepmother lives in Vermont and is a fine and accomplished artist. Lately, she's been creating sculpture with wood. Her primary tool is a chainsaw. She weighs all of 110 pounds and handles that saw like it was a toothbrush. She has some nice metalwork, too.


Some links:

150 Things You Didn’t Know About The Human World

Don't know how accurate these are, but they're fun anyway.

via The Presurfer

Colin Wilson World

An appreciation of Colin Wilson - philosopher, critic and novelist.

Real Military Flix

The world's largest on-line military film and video site.

via Cryptome

Gene Ween's photography


Gerry Canavan:

The SITE intelligence group, which monitors terrorist Web sites, recently had a big find: images from a terrorist simulation of Washington, D.C. destroyed by a nuclear bomb.

Turns out the image was from Fallout 3.

This made the rounds a while back, but some of you might not have seen Animator vs. Animation. Clever and revised.

thanks, Dad

This is funny:

WWII history as an internet game

via LedgerGermane

Wedding of the Vampires

Mia Mäkilä - Lowbrow and Horror Art


John Cage - 4' 33"

This is one of the best interpretations I've heard and unlike other video versions, there's a welcome lack of some dweeb trying to explain it all to you. Sorry about the missing second. I guess it was cut off.

Be seeing you.


The Nag said...

Your mum sounds like a very interesting person. Thanks for sharing her work.

John M. said...

Indeed she is. One talented lady. She publishes her own magazine and she's turned down offers from big corps to buy it.

She's originally from Toronto.

The Nag said...

She's Canadian? That explains her fabulousness :-)

John M. said...

These days, I think she'd defer to my father's patriotism and maintain her American-ness, but deep down inside she's all Canuck.