Sunday, June 29, 2008

Woodcut prints made with a steamroller

via Daily Jive


Alan Evil said...

I'm just jealous I didn't think of it first. This opens whole new worlds of possibility for using construction machinery (which I use regularly) and art. Next time I rent a backhoe I'm going to do some kind of large press using a lowered weight.

One thing I wonder about is how clean that roller is before it runs over the cutting. Also are they wrapping the paper around the roller (it looks like one rotation would be more than the length of that piece of art) or are they peeling the paper after rolling?

Oh, and is that a dual roller or does it have wheels at the back?

John M. said...

Hi Al,

I just checked an English translation of the site, (available on Daily Jive link) but they're not sharing much about the technique.

It looks like they are laying the media down on top with some sort of cloth-looking covering and then just riding over top of that. By the looks of one of those photos, the back has wheels. As far as cleaning the roller, I have no clue.

Let me know how the backhoe press idea works out, I'll post the results.