Saturday, June 28, 2008

Coober Pedy - Underground Town

Coober Pedy Hotel

Offbeat Earth:

You may be thinking that living underground like this makes no sense, but the harsh summer temperatures in the deserts of South Australia can often times be too much. These underground caves sustain a consistent cool temperature, making it the perfect place to live in a not-so-perfect town.

Looks like a nice place. Odd how there's so few people in the pictures.

via Coudal Partners


The Nag said...

If my basement looked that good I wouldn't cringe in terror and disgust every time I had to go downstairs to do the laundry.

John M. said...

Living in New Orleans and Savannah for over 23 years, I don't see many basements, but my memories are less than fond.

The only happy basement memory I can remember is when I figured out what happened to a gallon of cider when I left it under the steps for a few months.