Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sony PS3 Afrika Trailer

This looks like fun. Afrika appears to be a "take only pictures, leave only Land Rover tracks" type of game that could have a wide appeal.

Best I can figure it, Afrika is a game where you work the African countryside to get photos and footage of the local wildlife. There will be a social-networking feature of the game where people can share their imagery online. This is intriguing and somewhat novel from the perspective that value is based on aesthetics over corpses counted, bosses beaten or magical donuts eaten. I may be wishfully injecting this, but with the information available, that's what it seems to be.

This game is only going to be available through the Japan Playstation Store, however, because my Japanese is abysmal, you're on your own in there. There are hopes for wider release, judging by the buzz on the gaming forums and blogs.

via PlayStation LifeStyle
thanks, Nick

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