Monday, June 9, 2008

Hard-Boiled Defective Stories

El Borbah, the most politically-incorrect moody 400-pound ass-kicking wrestler-detective ever.

Set in a world of surreal characters and ultra-hard knocks, bathed in '70s nihilism and hard-boiled noir fiction, these stories had me in perplexed hysterics throughout.

"The work of Charles Burns is a vision that’s both horrifying and hilariously funny, and which he executes with cold, ruthless clarity... It’s almost as if the artist... as if he weren’t quite..... human!" – R. Crumb

Hard-Boiled Defective Stories
Charles Burns


The Nag said...

Sad to say there are times when I'm in the mood for something exactly like this.

John M. said...

I feel ya.

Just remember: Never get off the boat...