Friday, May 2, 2008

Rummaging in the government's attic

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Not quite sure who these people are, but they have an impressive library.

Right off the top, the NASA list of books, movies, television shows, and music maintained on the International Space Station (ISS) for recreational/off-duty consumption, is worth the trip.

As far as books go, the list isn't much of a surprise. Lots of science fiction. The movie list is far more interesting. I wonder if they ever watch A Charlie Brown Christmas when it isn't Christmas? Odd selection of music, too.

Other documents to be found in the government's attic include:

NORAD-USNORTHCOM 9-11 audio recordings - Over 100 hours of audio recordings of various military communications channels on September 11, 2001. Made available in multiple .mp3 files.

Three U.S. Army Reports on the Development of Gas Masks for Dogs (and Horses)

Complaints to FCC about South Park television show 2004-2007

plus some other juicy bits and a lot of boring stuff.

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