Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More on the GTA-Drunk Driving Foofaraw

This one originates here in Savannah.

From Kotaku:

A TV station in Savannah, Ga. is out doing what Crecente and I commonly referred to as the "gratuitous local." In other words, it's a national story that doesn't have any impact specific to your locality, but you sure can dream up some because it's the kind of story that's real easy to assign. The Grand Theft Auto IV Drunk Driving story fits perfectly, and we will see versions of this for two months, if not more.

Now, you stick a camera on a cop and ask him about drunk driving, real or virtual, and what the hell do you think he's gonna say? WSAV-TV does just that and the results are predictable.

It's just a frickin' game.

If I ran around town actuating Madden, FaceBreaker or Medal of Honor, I'd surely get arrested. What's the difference?

I'll say it again: Those inclined to flip out on something like GTA IV would find something else to flip out on in its absence.

To paraphrase Robert Anton Wilson: Some, but not all, people are idiots.


Thanks, Nick


crow said...

That's fol-de-rol

John M. said...

Ala Savannah.