Saturday, May 3, 2008

Black Dog - Psil-cosyin

This tune is from Black Dog's 1995 album, Spanners, a record that I still love dearly. It stands up strong after 13 years, unlike most electronic music of that era.

I used to have this on vinyl. Every time I've had a copy of Spanners, it has managed to find a way to walk off with somebody.

A lot of DJ's would never play their music, though I used to get away with it frequently. I had some good crowds in those days. Electronic music caught on late in New Orleans, so the people who were into it, were into anything good they could find and weren't constrained by what style or how new something was. Black Dog's polyrhythmic approach and their odd, yet beautifully haunting and often dissonant melodic flow was not standard fare on most dance floors of the day. For my sets, it added a nice twist to the vibe.

Their 1992 record Bytes is excellent, as well. It features works that they created under various monikers such as, Plaid, Discordian Popes and Balil, to name a few.

Not too long after Spanners was released Ed Handley and Andy Turner left Black Dog to continue with Plaid. Though Plaid was pretty good, they never quite lived up to what they were doing during the Black Dog years. I was also not impressed with the subsequent incarnation of Black Dog, so you'd be well served to limit your search to items before 1995. In fact, you can limit it to Bytes and Spanners and you'd be getting most of the good stuff.


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