Monday, December 15, 2008

white raccoon


The pale-furred mutant likes to munch on grapes and cat food, said a woman who feeds and photographs the elusive animal.

Fearful for the albino creature's safety, the woman asked Brevard Zoo officials to trap it and put it on public display. She asked FLORIDA TODAY to withhold her identity so hunters would not converge on the raccoon's territory.

"I'd hate to see him get shot as a trophy," she said. "This is something kids would love to see. He is so unique."

Michelle Smurl, Brevard Zoo's director of animal programs, said the zoo is not at liberty to trap an adult animal that is thriving in the wild.

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Minnesotastan said...

I think your title is more accurate than the original source. Since the nose is black rather than pink, this probably is just a white raccoon, not an albino one, which would have to have no melanin.

John M. said...

Funny enough, I had originally, almost mechanically titled the post, "albino raccoon", but it didn't seem right. It certainly didn't look albino and I also noted that the zoo official referred to it as a "white raccoon".

You're dead on about the nose. But also, wouldn't the eyes look different? I'm not sure about that, but...

Another case of bad journalism.

John M. said...

By the way, looking at the photo again, I noticed that there is coloration inside the ears and there appears to be some right above the paws, although that might be dirt.

All of this might not be relevant, but these factors seem to go against this being a case of albinism.

Minnesotastan said...

Here's an excellent link about albinism in animals, with lots of bloggable tidbits...

Enjoy -


John M. said...

Very nice. Thanks!