Sunday, December 7, 2008

Smoking in Japan

Smoking in Japan

hat tip: Lucy's Drowning


alansmitheejp said...

What do you think about these posters?
I'm not sure working well or not but sometimes their said right :)

Don't do that "smoking while walking" and NO LITTERING

John M. said...

To be honest, alansmithee, I thought that many of the were hilarious.

I can understand how in a crowded city, cigarette burns could be a problem. So, if they work, I'm good with that, if they don't... things will be the same as they would have been without them, so what's to lose but a little money?

alansmithee said...

We can see any type of poster(about moral) and anywhere in Japan.
Is that only Japan, I don't know?
Japanese were too nerves sometimes.
You know, we can control ourselves.
.....umm.....but for me, uncomfortable if there aren't any the type of posters in Japan.
Maybe, I'm really Japanese, ahah.

Anyway, those posters are Japan cigarette company's, they try to approach us "we are good company".
Sure shot thing is, it work well to their commercial.

John M. said...

We have similar things here with Public Service Announcements on billboards and radio & tv.

A lot of people thought that anti-smoking campaigns by tobacco companies here really worked like advertising.